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    In ancient times, there was a family of gods on the Apennine Peninsula. This family believed in the truth that all things must coexist in harmony. All the patriarchs were called the goddess Akari. Seek the harmonious coexistence of all things.

    All things do not need to be exclusive, light and dark can be balanced, IG lighting engineers got inspiration from this, added direct lighting to the design of indirect lighting, maximizing the reduction of glare through optical design, and developed a unique quadruple black light, hidden light, condensing light, filtering quadruple anti-glare design, UGR<16, a variety of installation methods, more than 100 functional configurations of hotel lighting fixtures, and named after Akari goddess --- ARKRIo series, specially designed to solve the problem of the balance between direct lighting and indirect lighting, the balance between the application of lamps and the sense of spatial integration, the comfort value maximize and create comfortable hotel lighting.